About us

The Bihonte (Bee-hon-te) Combativos System is a composite group of highly effective developed martial arts systems that combine to form a unique system of martial arts .

The Bihonte system has as its core, five (5) unique martial arts systems that each focus on various aspects of hand to hand combat. These 5 systems include Mokuraiken Kempo which is emphasized by lightning fast strikes and low kicks, Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s method of kickboxing and Wing Chun), ShihKeafma (Filipino Stick and Blade Arts), & Brazilian Jiujitsu/BJJ (specifically Pedro Sauer Gracie Jujitsu), and Hai Ki Chi Do,(Stand up Jiu-Jitsu) each of which was developed and practiced by various
martial arts masters and founders who sought to develop one highly effective martial arts
system that would incorporate and complement each of the individual systems and yet
allow for effective fighting methods which incorporated a blend of striking, kicking, throwing,
takedowns, submissions, grappling, conditioning, joint locks, individual weapons training
and weapon disarmament.

In addition to martial arts training the 54th Street Gym offers Fusion Fit training for men and
women which is a unique form of heavy punching bag, focus mitt, thai pad, belly pad, shadow
boxing and plyometrics designed to use the bodies own natural weight for conditioning. An
excellent way to get in shape, stay in shape or improve your shape.