GYM Schedule & Pricing

As low as $60 per month for Adults and $50 per month for Kids.


(We also have Family Plans, Couples, and multiple signup discounts when registering additional family members.)

(Adults: $60 per month with 12 month contract,  $70 per month with 3 month contract, $80 per month on a 6 month or $90 on month to month)

(Kids 6-16: $50 per month on 12 month contract, $60 per month with 3 month contract, $70 per month for 6 months or $80 on month to month)


Please Note that the Gracie Combative’s, Women’s Empowerment and Couples Combative’s $10 per month. This is to cover the additional $10 per month that the Gracie academy in Torrance charges us for your online access to training videos, registration with the Gracie Academy in Torrance so you can test for your Blue Belt with them and the Pedro Sauer organization.




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