Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Fundamental Combatives

Fundamental Combatives is our beginner program for adults who are looking to do jiu-Jitsu. In this program, you will learn the core techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment. Each lesson addresses one standing and one ground self-defense technique. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous experience and, since safety is our number one concern, there is no competitive sparring in this program. Upon successful completion of the Fundamental  Combatives program we will promote you to Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt and you will qualify for advancement.

This class also includes our Womens Empowerment and Couples Combatives because we realize that a lot of women may be self conscious about training with men in a grappling environment, (which unfortunately is where the majority (95%) of real life situations are going to occur) SO if you have a partner, male partner or spouse we offer you a 2 for 1 discount.  This of course means that your partner or spouse must show up with you to each class or  you will have to work with one of the men.  This class also meets on Sunday at 11am.